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Manage a team of people!

Become a team leader and consequently execute a coherent and rational HR policy.

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We present to you the HR Game

A developmental business simulation from the field of human resources, which will help you master:

Recruitment planning

As an HR manager you should plan recruitment according to workload. You will learn to foresee and prevent vacancies, to keep the company workflow steady. Remember to optimize expenditure according to foreseeable decisions.

Care for employee satisfaction and development

Choose motivation according to employee needs. Build staff satisfaction by stimuli, both monetary and other. Try to stabilize human resources by conscious efforts to minimize the risk of an employee leaving the company.

Reaction to changing objectives

Adapt your working concept to the goals set by higher management. Are you capable of meeting the requirements and satisfying the superiors?

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We believe that the most efficient way to learn is by having fun. We have created a line of modern business games that educate, entertain and inspire.

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This game was created by HolonGlobe in cooperation with the University of Gdańsk.